Moo U Livestock Barn Tours for Fairs

Our tours begin at the staging tent that we’ll set up near your livestock barns. Each tour takes approximately 50 minutes and no two are exactly alike.

Our expert tour guides:

  • Relay interesting and little known facts about the animals they see
  • Teach tour participants about the complexities of the livestock industry
  • Give examples of the many ways animal by products are used in everyday life
  • Make them laugh

Moo U Animal Facts Programs

For Fairs

  • We present a scheduled program for school groups attending the fair
  • We conduct the program 3-4 times a day for 20-30 minutes
  • We provide the livestock, depending on where the fair is located

For Schools

  • We conduct a 20-30 minute program at individual schools. *
  • We bring along small production animals
  • We provide handouts created for each appropriate grade level
* At this time, these programs are only available in the Dallas, Texas area.

Moo U Critter Fitter Programs

  • We perform a scheduled livestock demonstration that lasts about 1 hour up to three times a day
  • We demonstrate how to shear sheep, and clip and fit on both cattle and goats
  • Depending on where the fair is located, Moo U can provide the livestock

Both the Moo U Critter Fitter and Animal Facts Programs are additional programs priced separately from Moo U Barn Tours for Fairs. We offer special rates when they are booked in addition to the barn tours.  For a customized program for you fair, call  or email us today.