What is Moo U?

Moo U guides want to change the way the general public views the production livestock industry. We want people to realize that the animals are more than just a food source. Alternate protein sources are easy to find, but replacements for the byproducts that we use daily are not so readily available. Everyone uses animal byproducts on a daily basis, if you live in a home, use electronics, drive or ride in a car. It is extremely important to educate our youth about where their food is coming from and how it is raised and grown. Our tours will be a benefit to your fair, community and school educational programs.

“Moo U Guided Livestock Tours is perfect to promote agriculture education to consumers. Their custom tours and Critter Fitter programs help fair-goers understand the importance of production agriculture.”

Daryl Real, State Fair of Texas Vice President Agriculture/Livestock

“My wife, daughter, and I, along with Marty took your tour yesterday at the fair. It was awesome. Four years ago we moved from the city to a village that is surrounded by farmland and a thriving dairy industry.  I have always been fascinated by the extremely hard work put in by farmers, but yesterday was a real eye opener. I gained a better understanding of all the benefits that animals bring to us… I can assure you that we will be thanking the farmers we see in the grocery store and at the market in town.”

Alex McDougall, Erie County Fair Fairgoer

“Moo U has been a part of the State Fair of West Virginia for several years and I believe their product to be of great value to our fair. They deliver an entertaining and educational agricultural experience. It is of huge value to our operation to have highly trained individuals carrying out this function in a consistent manner.”

Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe, State Fair of West Virginia CFE

coupleAbout the Founder

Jeannene Xanthus has been part of the livestock showing community her entire life. Whether serving as her 4H club President and being one of the first girls allowed to join the FFA, to traveling the country teaching consumers where their food comes from and why we show livestock, Jeannene’s passion has always been agriculture.

Born and raised in California, Jeannene started showing cattle and sheep at Oakdale High School. She then obtained degrees from Modesto Junior College and Cal Poly in Animal Science and Dairy Science. After college she continued her involvement with agriculture by raising Shorthorn cattle, participating in numerous organizations, implementing multiple ag awareness programs and coordinating a multitude of livestock shows. All with the goal remaining constant: Change the way people view agriculture.

In March of 2005, Jeannene and her husband, Pete, moved to Texas and settled just north of the DFW metroplex. Continuing her quest to inform the general public, she founded MOO U in 2007. Now a member of the International Fairs and Expositions Association, Jeannene is bringing the agriculturalist message to fair goers aross the nation. From California to West Virginia and everywhere in between, Jeannene is able to answer the questions people have about agricuture in a place where agriculture is being brought to them.

“Why are they blow drying that animal? Why is that cow skinnier than this other cow? How old will they live?” If you have heard these questions while walking through your barns, then you have asked yourself “How can I better inform our fair goers?” May I introduce you to Jeannene Xanthus.

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